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Archive for the ‘Parenting’ Category

Bruce Clark Credits the Love of Women in His Life for His Emotional Openness

Love, Sex, Fleas, GodBruce Clark, author of Love, Sex, Fleas, God was interviewed by Media Club South Africa, where he discussed his rather deprived upbringing, with only his desperately poor grandmother to care for him. He talks about the process of being surrounded by women early in his life, including his sister and grandmother, which enabled him to be open with his emotions and talk about his troubled childhood.

As a stay-at-home dad, his story is unusual, but what is clear is that his book is written from a place of love and humility.

Bruce Clark is one of those unusual things – a stay-at-home dad. In his uplifting memoir Love Sex Fleas God, aptly subtitled “Confessions of a stay-at-home dad”, he talks about his troubled childhood and his ultimately successful search for direction in life.

The captivating title came out of a paragraph Clark wrote in response to publisher Umuzi’s request to describe the book – “Love sex fleas God” appeared, and the publisher said to him: “That’s the title!”

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Bruce Clark Reflects on the Process of Writing His First Book Love, Sex, Fleas, God

Love, Sex, Fleas, GodBruce Clark, author of Love, Sex, Fleas, God: Confessions of a stay-at-home dad, was interviewed by The Citizen‘s Bruce Dennill.

Clark spoke about the process of writing the book and what he would do differently next time. He also talked about growing up under Scientology and how this has shaped his feelings towards religion today:

Love Sex Fleas God – some of which is about being a retrenched, stay-at-home dad, some of which is about being raised by a Scientology-obsessed mother and some of which is about a lean period in between there somewhere where he was a hobo – is not the book Bruce Clark planned to write, but it became one of which he’s rightfully proud.

“It stemmed from me being aware that my kids and I were on divergent paths,” he says.

“There are times that you need to impart whatever wisdom you have. I’m 55 and I didn’t want to leave it too late.

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Extract from Bruce Clark’s Love, Sex, Fleas, God (Plus: Win a Copy!)

Love, Sex, Fleas, GodParent24 has published an extract from Love, Sex, Fleas, God: Confessions of a stay-at-home dad by Bruce Clark and are also offering two lucky readers the chance to win a copy of the book.

In the following passage, Clark describes his daily routine as a stay-at-home dad and questions women’s attraction to men with babies:

The men in the house quickly established a routine. After our morning poetry recital we settled down with a picture book. I propped Angus up on my knee and flipped through 100 Animals. I turned the pages but waited for him to put his finger on a specific animal, at which point I was required to say the name and produce the sound effect. He would go directly to the lion and I was expected to ‘ROAR!’ again and again until he got tired of it. He made a husky little attempt to ‘roar’ but was put immediately in place by my big, booming alpha ‘ROAR!’ in return; it’s never too early to establish who’s the boss.

To stand a chance to win a copy of Love, Sex, Fleas, God, simply prepare your answer to the following question before entering online (competition closes 2 September 2012):

What’s the answer Bruce gets to “What is the turn-on about men with babies?”

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Podcast: Bruce Clark Talks About the Origins of Love, Sex, Fleas, God on Chai FM

Love, Sex, Fleas, GodBruce Clark talks about how love is “about letting go”, in an interview with Chai FM. He shares how he started writing Love, Sex, Fleas, God, and that he’d had the book percolating inside him for many years before he wrote anything substantial.

Listen to the podcast:

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Introducing Bruce Clark’s Memoir of a Stay-at-home Dad: Love, Sex, Fleas, God

Love, Sex, Fleas, GodBruce Clark, the world’s best dad, had a nightmare childhood that spewed him out onto the streets at age 16, uneducated and livid. Deep into adulthood he remained pretty much like that, until the love of a good woman grounded him. They got married and, at age 47, he was a father. His story begins there.

Love, Sex, Fleas, God is Clark’s terrifically sad and funny account of parenthood seen through the eyes of one who knows about vulnerability. A father who would do anything to protect his children and rear them well and a man who feels a stab every day as his wife leaves for work. Tending to infants, gently nudging their ascendancy, becoming barely more than their launch pad into life, Clark’s story is What Women Want turned on its feet.

This book makes you laugh and cry. It grips your heart and shows both the adult and child in you how frail and glorious a human life is.

About the author

Bruce Clark lives with his wife, son and daughter in Johannesburg. He is a stay-at-home dad.

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