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Archive for the ‘Food’ Category

Tannie Evita Invites You to #CommitYourSelfie in a Campaign Against Corruption and Pessimism

Evita's Kossie SikelelaEvita se Kossie SikelelaEvita's BlackBessieEvita se BlackBessieEvita se Bossie SikelelaEvita\'s Bossie Sikelela


Evita Bezuidenhout has invited the Twittersphere to join her in a new campaign against corruption and pessimism titled #CommitYourSelfie.

In an official declaration shared on Tannie Evita’s website the idea behind the campaign is explained as follows:

#CommitYourselfie: the national twitter to action

Unchartered territory is a phrase used now more than ever. On 12th February 2015 South Africa’s Parliament reopens with President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation address. This time round there are expectations of disorder. Slogans may be shouted and brandished. Red costumes could overshadow the dignity and importance of this start to a new season of lawmaking and governance of the people, for the people and by the people. Recent happenings in world politics have shown the huge significance of civil unity and democrats willing to stand up and be counted against threats of chaos and corruption. In some cases far worse. Humour is still a unique weapon against in onslaughts of arrogance, dishonesty, carelessness and fear.

In short, Tannie Evita hopes that this campaign will bring forth ideas of what could be done with the money should President Jacob Zuma decide to #PayBackTheMoney. She writes on her website:

“If we the people lead, the government will follow. Commit yourselfie to a better future!”

Tannie Evita led the masses by tweeting her own beautiful selfie:

Many tweeters have since joined in, including Western Cape Premier Helen Zille, comedian John Vlismas, the East Coast Radio breakfast team and Karen Zoid:

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Win a Mother’s Day Book Hamper, Including An Imperfect Blessing by Nadia Davids

In celebration of Mother’s Day on 11 May, Random House Struik is giving away a hamper of book including An Imperfect Blessing by Nadia Davids, Arctic Summer by Damon Galgut, and Bake Happy by Gail Bussi.

An Imperfect BlessingArctic SummerBake Happy

To enter and stand a chance of winning simply fill in you details on Random House Struik’s website and answer the following easy question:

Q: One of the books to be won is

A. Happy Bake
B. Bake Happy
C. Home Bake

The competition closes 15 May 2014. Good luck!

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Smitten, Bitten and Switch: A Book Hamper Celebrating Love Up for Grabs


Random Struik is celebrating the month of love with a beautiful hamper of books including Switch by Jassy Mackenzie; Smitten and Bitten by Sarah Graham and James Patterson’s First Love. The hamper is completed by a R500 voucher from La Senza, “where sexy is an everyday thing”.

To enter the competition, simply fill in your details on the Random House Struik website, and answer the following easy question:

Question: Who is the main character in Jassy Mackenzie’s erotic novel series?

A. Sarah Wince
B. Emma Caine
C. Claire Rivers

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Image courtesy of Random House Struik

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Evita Bezuidenhout’s 2014 Predictions: Robert Mugabe Clones and an ANC/EFF Coalition

Evita\'s Bossie SikelelaEvita se Bossie SikelelaEvita Bezuidenhout has written an article for the Cape Times predicting some of the events that will define 2014.

“The world will be shocked and confused to hear that the president of Zimbabwe died in 2007. A series of cloned Robert Mugabes has managed to hoodwink the world media,” Bezuidenhout writes. With the elections coming up she predicts that although the ANC will win the election it “will be badly shaken by the lack of expected support at the ballot box, a secret deal with the Economic Freedom Fighters will allow them to go into coalition with this new radical party of the left.”

Read Bezuidenhout’s predictions:

I have always believed we don’t need a crystal ball to see what will happen to South Africa tomorrow – 2014, probably the most important new year in our history because for the first time, every young voter will vote without the baggage of apartheid on their back.

The born-frees are a force to be reckoned with, especially as we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of our democracy. And the sadness starts there: Madiba will not be with us to blow out the candles. He took us on a final long and slow walk to his next freedom and blew out his own candles.

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Video: Tannie Evita Warns, “Don’t Just Vote for a Party Because You Got a T-Shirt and a Sausage Roll”

Evita\'s Bossie Sikelela“Our country needs at this stage to stop being such complainers and stop being such losers. My magtig mense!” Thus says Evita Bezuidenhout, the author of Evita’s Bossie Sikelela, who is affectionately known as Tannie Evita.

During an interview with Ntombi Mlangeni for News24 she explained why she feels this way and begged South Africans to stop complaining and start doing something for a change. She warns that apartheid will be back: “Do not underestimate the inventiveness of bad politics. It’ll be back. It made money for a political elite then, it will do the same for a political elite now.”

Bezuidenhout offers a solution: “Don’t just vote for a party because you got a T-shirt and a sausage roll! Find out who are these people in leadership. Find out what they are doing for your, for your children, for your community.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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From the Archives: Evita Bezuidenhout Shares Her 1994 Interview with Nelson Mandela

Evita\'s Bossie SikelelaEvita Bezuidenhout has shared an interview she did with Nelson Mandela during his first year as President in 1994. The interview was for her chat show Funigalore and was conducted in De Tuynhuys.

Bezuidenhout tells Mandela that before he came into power Afrikaners were worried about all the changes he might make. Mandela replied that minorities are entitled to be concerned about the changes that have taken place and that the task of the government and the ANC is to show white people that change would not mean a role reversal in which the white minority and other minorities were oppressed. He said that he thinks that they have succeeded in addressing these fears and that Afrikaners have played an important contribution in normalising the situation. Mandela tells Bezuidenhout that she has played an important role in helping the situation.

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Podcast: Evita Bezuidenhout Discusses Her Fragrance Line and Short Skirts

Evita\'s Bossie SikelelaLast Friday, Pieter Dirk Uys was the Friday stand-in for Redi Tlhabi’s Talk Radio 702 show and Evita Bezuidenhout popped in to support him.

Bezuidenhout chatted to Africa Melane about De Tuynhuis, which she had just visited, spoke about her fragrance line and took a call from a listener who was concerned about the length of Tannie Evita’s skirts:

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Pieter-Dirk Uys Recalls Nelson Mandela’s 1995 New Year’s Appearance with Evita Bezuidenhout

Evita\'s Bossie SikelelaPieter-Dirk Uys was in Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival earlier this year and spoke to The Oppidan Press, recounting Nelson Mandela’s New Year’s guest appearance with Evita Bezuidenhout on the tv show Funigalore in 1995.

Uys describes getting into character as Bezuidenhout in the bathroom at Tuinhuis and being walked in on by a cleaning lady, who quickly left and fetched three other women to watch the transformation. One of his fake foam breasts had a hole chewed in it by his dog. On hearing Uys’ explanation for the hole, one of the women said, “Thank God, I thought it was cancer”.

Uys recalled the expressions on everyone’s faces when Mandela walked into the room. He also spoke about Mandela’s recent illness and people’s reactions to it: “We’ve got huge problems; education, broken homes, Aids, drugs, unemployment. An old man dying is not one of them. An old man being released from pain is not one of them.”

Evita Bezuidenhout, Uys’ most famous character, appeared in the mid-1990s on the hit series Funigalore, and became a channel of healing and reconciliation in South Africa. On New Years Day 1995 Nelson Mandela made a guest appearance on the show.

“The extraordinary thing about that series was we were exposing former enemies as future leaders. And it had to be through Evita because she was representative of so much fear. And she confronted her fear with the likes of Joe Slovo and Jay Naidoo. So of course he [Mandela] was an obvious choice.”

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Evita Bezuidenhout to Discuss Violence Against Women with Dr Eve on National Women’s Day

Evita's Bossie SikelelaIn celebration of National Women’s Day the Artscape Theatre will be presenting a panel discussion featuring Evita Bezuidenhout as the keynote speaker. With the theme Against All Odds, Dr Marlene Wasserman aka Dr Eve will lead this discussion, focusing on violence against women, the sobering facts about rape and how women survive and celebrate their lives.

Entrance is free and the discussion starts at 10:30 AM.

See you there!

Event Details

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Pieter-Dirk Uys Recalls an Interview Nelson Mandela Did with Evita Bezuidenhout in 1995

Evita\'s Bossie SikelelaChelsea Haith from Grocott’s Mail reports that Pieter-Dirk Uys, who was in Grahamstown performing at the National Arts Festival, discussed the work that Evita Bezuidenhout did in the 1980s and 1990s to diffuse tensions. “She was exposing former enemies as future leaders”, said Uys, recalling an interview that Nelson Mandela did with Bezuidenhout in 1995.

Uys commented that “Mandela used humour to diffuse tensions. He loved celebrities. It made him closer to the people, more real.”

Pieter-Dirk Uys is back in Grahamstown for the 39th National Arts Festival, full of life, wit and opinion.

He had two shows: in An Audience with Pieter-Dirk Uys, on Wednesday, he discussed his work and experiences and last night was his performance of Adapt or Fly at the Guy Butler Theatre in the Monument.

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