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At the Heart of The Seed Thief by Jacqui L’Ange: The Fight Against Corporate Control of Natural Resources

The Seed Thief“I am not a scientist, or an expert in agriculture. I am a concerned citizen with a voice. I wrote a work of fiction with seed banking at its heart, because I care about our natural world. And because I think seed banking is sexy. And exciting, and magical, and noble.”

So writes Jacqui L’Ange in an article on the blog dedicated to her new debut novel The Seed Thief. It tells the gripping story of botanist Maddy Bellani who is asked to travel to Brazil to collect rare seeds from a plant that could cure cancer. At the heart of this novel lies the issue of corporate control of natural resources – a much bigger and more threatening reality than most people would think.

Read L’Ange’s article for more on the South African context of this issue, an outline of genetically modified organisms and links to important organisations fighting the cause:

When a company tries to control something that has been free for citizens of this earth since its beginnings (and I include animals among those citizens), when they try to ‘own’ a genetic code they didn’t create, and try to stop others from sharing the earth’s generosity so that they can profit from those restrictions, I think we have a problem.

And when the ‘codes’ they are claiming are the ones that provide basic foods for the people who live closest to the ground, who have the least in terms of material goods but who have the most honest conversation with the earth, when that conversation is silenced, and people go hungry as a result, then we have a problem.

Is Monsanto the bad guy, or just a victim of bad press? The best way to answer this question is to get informed.
In the South African context, which is the one in which I live, the African Centre for Biosafety is an excellent starting point.

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