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Nelson Mandela Was One of Thirty Six Righteous Ones Says Meg Vandermerwe

Zebra CrossingIn a post on O, The Oprah Magazine‘s website Meg Vandermerwe explains that Jewish folklore has “thirty six hidden righteous ones”, placed on earth to “justify humankind’s existence in the eyes of God”. Vandermerwe notes that she believes that Nelson Mandela, who sadly passed away last week, was one of those thirty six and that he showed the world how to forgive.

“The folktale of the Tzadikim Nistarim goes further. It claims that when one of the thirty-six righteous passes on, another is immediately born to take his or her place for the world cannot continue to exist without all thirty six.”

According to mystical Jewish folklore there are thirty six hidden righteous ones – the Tzadikim Nistarim – on earth, whose purpose it is to justify humankind’s existence in the eyes of God. Their lives are rarely easy or without suffering, since it is through their humility and goodness in the face of strife that they exemplify all that is great and possible within the human spirit. Nelson Mandela was, without question, one of the thirty six hidden righteous ones. Through his actions and behavior he literally re-birthed a nation. By forgiving those who had done him harm, he showed us how to forgive each other and enabled us to forgive ourselves.

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