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Cover of Louis Greenberg’s Dark Windows Revealed (Plus: Interview with Designer Joey Hi-Fi)

Joey Hi-Fi (Dale Halvorsen) has added another amazing cover design to his already long list – that of Louis Greenberg’s forthcoming literary thriller, Dark Windows.

Hi-Fi is the winner of the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire and the British Science Fiction Award for “Best Art” for the cover of Lauren Beukes’ Zoo City and The Ranting Dragon’s Cover Battle 2012 for the cover of Chuck Wendig’s Blackbirds. Some of his other designs include the covers of The Shining Girls by Beukes, The Spiral House by Claire Robertson, The Institute of Taxi Poetry by Imraan Coovadia and Apocalypse Now Now by Charlie Human.

The Shining GirlsThe Spiral House The Institute for Taxi PoetryApocalypse Now Now

Lauren Smith revealed the cover of Dark Windows, a genre-defying novel set in an alternative-present Johannesburg, on her Violin in a Void blog today and interviewed Hi-Fi about the process of illustrating it. Hi-Fi said that he had received a rough cover concept from Greenberg but that he always reads the whole book before deciding what route to take with a design. The more he read of Dark Windows, the more he was intrigued by Greenberg’s initial idea.

Hi-Fi wanted a photorealistic feel for the black-painted window on the cover, but he’s not a fan of stock photos, so “in the end I decided to engage the warp drive on my Wacom pen and go the photorealistic illustration route”. As with most of his other work, the cover has details that are not immediately visible. Upon closer inspection, illustrations of elements from the story are revealed in the darkened window.

I have a particularly good post for you today: South African author Louis Greenberg asked me to do the cover reveal for his upcoming literary thriller Dark Windows, as well as an interview with artist Joey Hi-Fi. I will politely keep all squee-type noises to myself, but seriously, how awesome is this?!

Dark Windows – forthcoming from Umuzi in April 2014 – is Louis’s first solo project since The Beggars’ Signwriters was published in 2006. Since then he’s teamed up with Sarah Lotz to for the horror-writing duo S.L. Grey. Now he’s dabbling in the literary side of speculative fiction, which is my drug of choice. Here’s the blurb to whet your appetite:

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